Why slimming pills?

It just chanced upon me last night why the demand for slimming supplements still triumph over other forms of weight loss – the sheer minimal time commitment required.

Plastic surgery is 100% effective – provided it is followed up with constant maintenance – but it is expensive, inflicts pain, and has post-surgery downtime. Some slimming centres supposedly work pretty well too, but for the time you have to spend there (approximately an hour per session), you’ll probably be better off hitting the gym for healthier results.

Then of course, the good old “diet and exercise” which requires a substantial amount of determination, ample time to exercise and possibly a small sum to sign up for some instructor-led exercise class or gym for maximum effect.

So it becomes apparent why slimming supplements is a logical choice amongst many women; no time commitment and certainly affordable. Takes you no more than half a minute to pop a pill, and off you go with your usual routine. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Yoyo-ing weight and side effects notwithstanding, of course.

As for me… I’m still very hesitant about popping pills for weight loss. But I must say the temptation is high after piling on 3kg since I stopped breastfeeding. *screams and tears hair out*


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