The First Night of the First Time

Since this is the first time Hubs has gone for a business trip, it seems fair to dedicate a post documenting my typical oh-so-boring day. But heck, other than a very delicious lunch at Les Bouchons with airpork, there seems to be nothing else good to “report”.

Father-in-law picked Josh up from school, brought him to the shophouse for dinner, before sending him back and delivering dinner over for Kee and I. It was a simple but delicious home-cooked fare of cabbage soup with fishballs and carrot, pan-fried salmon, stir-fried beansprouts (my fave) and braised pork. The baby ate til his stomach looked like it was ready to burst. I, on the other hand, barely ate. Didn’t feel hungry, didn’t feel like eating even though it’s yummy. (I might eat more in a while though, since the boys sleeping means I can eat in peace.)

Father-in-law stayed for about 30 minutes while I finished up my work and prepared to feed Kee dinner. Mother-in-law called and asked if I want them to bring me dinner tomorrow. A sweet gesture to which I readily accepted. But KIV because I might just bring the boys over to the shophouse to eat instead. (No washing up for me then. 😆 ) Sometimes the in-laws can be really sweet. I can’t imagine having in-laws from hell who’d demand a lot from me and not lift a single finger to help. I’d probably murder that kind of in-laws.

Josh had puked in school during nap time. I asked him why was his bed sheet in a separate bag and why did it smell so bad?! He told me he “吐吐” on the bed sheet. So there, something to scrub and wash.

Then he did a poop in his diapers at bedtime, which unfortunately leaked a bit onto his pants, so more scrubbing and washing.

Kee also coordinated with Josh, having done a massive poop – littered with “rehydrated” raisins, no less – in the early afternoon, which grandly leaked through and stained the bottom of his rompers. I now have 2 pails of rinsed and scrubbed laundry, spending time in a relaxing soak.

The boys were preoccupied with playing and didn’t ask for daddy much. Somehow their usual playtime noise seemed unbearable, giving my headache more reason to torture me. Repeated attempts to get them to play quietly didn’t work for more than 5 minutes. Oh well, boys will be boys. At least both of them went totally silent upon going into their room for bedtime. Not a single peep. Which is quite unusual actually. Maybe my constant pleas finally got into their heads. Both of them fell asleep by 11pm.

I showered both of them before bedtime because Josh stank (as he always does after school) and Kee wanted a shower too. Cute baby had parked his arse outside the bathroom and chanted “pom pom! pom pom!” while waiting for his turn. I dressed him in a long-sleeved romper (hand-me-down from Josh) which was a tad too short for him (3-6 mths size) and leggings. It’s cold tonight, and I don’t want him to wake up at 2am screaming about being cold.

And now that the kids are asleep, and it’s the time when I usually talk rot with Hubs, this flat is starting to feel mighty quiet. But honestly, it’s not as bad as I thought it might be. Just a weird sensation in the pit of my stomach, which I can easily bury by immersing myself in the ton of work that is always there. And there’s that huge basket of my clean laundry I’m supposed to put away… Hiak hiak.

Oh Hubs, please come back soon. I’m going to superglue myself to you until you have to fly off again on the 7th.


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