Naive me.

It’s unknown how I could have believed that the end of a business trip would mean that our comfortable domestic routine would fall back into place and life would continue from where it was paused. Life is hardly as simple as that.

To be honest, I had no idea what Hubs’ role would have been during his business trip, nor the kind of hours he would have to put in. In fact, I didn’t even know his flight schedule until 24 hours prior to his boarding time. That’s pretty screwed up if you ask me. And apparently my MIL thinks it’s screwed up too, because she constantly asked me when he was flying, and how long would he be away. When I responded I didn’t know the details, she remarked about how could I not know. Well, I don’t know because your son didn’t tell me, duh.

So while Hubs is home (for now), his existence is relegated to being an inactive person taking up space somewhere to sleep. Not really my idea of “being home”.

In fact, I am now faced with a new problem to deal with: The kids asking when we can all go out together; something Daddy isn’t keen on doing because of his sleep debt. We’ve spent Saturday staying in (which made Josh quite cranky), and Sunday will have to be just me bringing Josh out because Dad still isn’t up for it. So if you ask me, having Hubs home really makes no difference to anyone. And in many ways, makes it worse because he’s here, but not really here.

I’m probably not “grown up” enough to know how or want to deal with situations like this. All I know is, at least I have my own money to spend so I can at least be distracted from this.

I don’t even want to begin thinking about his next two business trips and the aftermath of them.


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