Now available in Teochew!

Joshua can probably count up to 20 in English on a good day, but mostly he just stops after 13. I’ve heard him counting up to 20 while he was paying with his wooden blocks, but ask him to count it for you, and he’ll almost always stop by the time he gets to 11.

And despite his formerly terrible command of Mandarin (which I vehemently insist is not my fault) he can now count up to 9. Then when you ask him what comes after 九, he’ll say “十楼! 谢谢!” because that’s the floor we live on. Then he’ll usually start mumbling “按几楼?”

It’s amazing how fast he picked up Mandarin, considering he’s only been in school for three months, and had skipped a fair number of days due to inability to cope with the new schedule and his on-off illnesses. Just earlier tonight, he was mumbling the first few phrases of the “三字经” – something I know his entire class recites every single morning. That kinda puts me to shame, because I only know the first line: “人之初 性本善 性相近 习相远”

But Josh… he followed up after that and said: “苟不教 性乃迁 教之道 贵以专” This mommy has much to catch up on!

And as if that isn’t enough to make me want to bury my face in shame, he started counting to 5 in Teochew. It took Grandpa Tan only 15 minutes to teach, and he can recite it to a T. As for me… I can still only muster up to 3 after five years of being married to Hubs.

Jialat if he comes back tomorrow from dinner at the shophouse and can count up to 10. I will really need to dig a hole to hide myself in.

My children constantly amaze me with their quick ability to learn anything – be it good or bad stuff (so parents please be wary). I am starting to hatch evil plans on cramming their little heads full of knowledge and languages before this natural ability slows down and turns stale. And yes, I am still trying very hard to completely self-censor because Josh has been exclaiming “What the hell!” when something unpleasant happens. My fault, obviously.



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