What would I be without you?

In a society of single mothers, high-flying career women, female entrepreneurs, wonderfully domesticated wives, and sometimes shockingly, a combination of some or all of these roles, I occasionally feel… insufficient. As if there are major qualities lacking in me which inhibits me from wearing the same hats that so many other women are able to wear capably.

Throw me into any of those roles, and you will probably see me wilt and whither in before you can even turn your back on me.

And thus I cannot help but wonder to myself repeatedly: What is it about me that deserves the kind of love that Hubs gives me?

Well, so maybe I’m not deserving at all, but that is hardly the point. I wish I could find a reason why, or how, he could find it within himself to selflessly give me so much without ever wanting more than a sincere smile in return. It isn’t even humane in my book. But yet here I am, living in this world where that’s how the relationship works.

Yet despite all the incompleteness in me, I know I could never be as incomplete as when he is not part of my life.

Maybe this is what Jerry Maguire meant when told Dorothy: “You complete me”. I think I finally get it now, even though it means I am still somewhat incomplete (or rather, incompetent) as a person.



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