He’s gonna be home. For now.

So thus ends the chain of launch events for the Blackberry Torch. Which means Hubs will no longer need to fly around anymore!

He said he thought of me every spare moment he had – which unfortunately means he didn’t think of me much because he didn’t had many spare moments – and in a bid to appease my unease whenever he was away, he always brought gifts back.


From KL:
Offerings from his KL biz trip
A bottle of Clinique Happy and VS Strawberries and Champagne Body Mist. He had admitted to somewhat haphazardly buying these from Changi Airport DFS upon landing, but 10 points for remembering that I’ve always wanted a bottle of Clinique Happy.


From Jakarta:
Offerings from Jakarta
My relax poison of choice. Mixed with green tea, of course. Once again, bought from Changi Airport DFS, so technically not from Jakarta either. 😕


From Bangkok:
Offerings from Bangkok
The only item that wasn’t bought on local shores – a UCB bag bought duty free at BKK airport. A perfect shade of dark purple (commonly known as “eggplant purple”), it’s something I would have bought for myself. So 10 points for Hubs on this. He also bought home 3 bottles of Hoegaarden White, but those don’t deserve a picture.

Now it’s another month or so before he finds out if he needs to fly again. I’ll be expecting more gifts if he has to! LOL.


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