Eating crab.

It makes me wonder: Who was the first person ever to crack open the hard shell of a crab, and be adventurous (or desperate) enough to eat it?

“Crab, group of water creatures characterised by their hard, round, flat shells. Several of the larger kinds are very good to eat, but ancient sources do not suggest they were eaten enthusiastically. The various classical names cannot be confidently attached to individual species; they varied in their reference across the ancient world and through time.”

Food in the Ancient World from A to Z, Andrew Dalby [Routledge:London] 2003 (p. 105)


A lot has changed through the generations, I guess, judging from the sheer number of “I want to eat chilli crab!!” declarations I see on my Twitter timeline everyday.

Yet alas, I am not a crab enthusiast (much). Too much hard work to peel and crack (and often cut my fingers due to carelessness) just for that few slivers of flesh. BEEF FOR THE WIN!



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