Pleasure is…

… not being able to fall asleep but not needing to worry about “how to wake up tomorrow for work?!”

… enjoying a glass of green tea (spiked with Choya, no less) with Dji Sam Soe while waiting for the Sandman.

… browsing shopping sites to pass time, giving no more than a rat’s ass about lack of sleep.

… being the first one “on the scene” when the kids (unfortunately) wake up. They always get right back to sleep when mama gets right in on it. 🙂

… doing work – if I so feel inclined to – with no distractions and being productive through my bout of insomnia.

… keeping the telly on to our new “upsized” cable tv channel groups. AXN Beyond and Syfy Universal!!

… somewhat being punished to stay up late because I slept most of the Sunday away. LOL.


Oh, this is all so indulgent.



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