My mother always used to tell me why I sweat so much is because I’m fat. So, do skinny people really sweat less?

If that’s the truth, then I may have found yet another reason to lose more weight. Although at the rate the global temperatures are going up, I’ll probably never reach a point where I won’t be sweating buckets each day.

OH please, haze, GO AWAY and stop making it so stuffy!!



3 thoughts on “Sweat.

  1. i don’t think so leh.. though i don’t sweat alot, but moses doesn’t sweat alot too. and i got sweaty urm soles n pits :p

    shell says: I have sweaty face!!

  2. hahaha i agree, my weight yo-yo and when i reach a certain weight, my armpit start to sweat. Hahaha more accurate then the weighing machine!

  3. oh by the way, the area that u sweat most are usually ur skinniest area. agree?

    shell says: Hmmm that may make some sense. Since my tummy is my fattest area but it never ever sweats?? LOL. That means my face must be damn skinny cos my face always covered in sweat!! =_=”

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