Sometimes you cannot ignore the signs.

Not too long ago, I embarked on my Project 1K. (Which I must mention is still quite a failure til date.)

Strangely, after I announced my plans, I starting putting on 1 horrendous kg every single week, for 3 weeks on end. I was told that it was due to Kee weaning off breastfeeding and switching to the bottle, causing my metabolism to dip drastically. (I was also told it was due to my constant complaining about being right smack between size 10 and 12, so God give me 3 extra kg to make me a proper size 12.) My boobs also concurrently shrank and went down a whole size (from 38C to a pathetic 36B now). While I’ve managed to keep my weight in check since late September, it’s currently still hovering around 70kg. GAH!

So… now I have to lose 4 kg in 3 months’ time, instead of the initial plan of 1 kg in 3 months. I’ll be darned if I hear remarks of “Are you pregnant again?!” over Christmas or Chinese New Year. Project 1K is now retitled as Project 4k (4000 grams), due by X’mas. Talk about pressure!

Which brings me to my point: Whatever I had put away for the monetary aspect of Project 1K has now gone into getting an exercise bike.

OTO zooozh

Now, don’t ask me why I can’t just slip on my running shoes and hit the pavement. I’ve never been the runner sort – having my fats jiggling around in public while feeling the sweat sting my eyes isn’t my idea of an enjoyable workout. It only works to scare me off any form of exercise. But cycling is something I enjoy and used to do long distance from East Coast to Tampines and back. But I can’t just take off and cycling long distance nowadays (given my commitment to the kids and the horrid weather), so this is my next best option.

So today, while I was on my way to buy the bike, I erm… did the usual thing of browsing the shops. And would you believe it, there wasn’t a single piece of clothing that I fancied! (Except for those gorgeous coats, fur-lined jackets and sweater dresses, but those are insane for tropical weather so I wouldn’t have bought them anyway.)

I dug and I dug, rack after rack, shelf after shelf, in complete utter disbelief that there wasn’t a single item that took my fancy. Finally I found a lovely top – on sale at $29.90 – that only had size 14 left!! This was when I finally got the point. God says: No new clothes for Shelly because she’s supposed to lose 4kg and that’s when I’ll give her some nice new (and cheap) clothes to buy.

I couldn’t even fight it even if I wanted to. God says NO.

But when I got to the OTO store to get the bike, the sales guy told me there wasn’t any left in the warehouse; they’re completely out of stock.

So ok, that got my panties in a knot. I was all like “Hello God?! So what are you trying to say now?!” until the guy made some more calls and found me a bike –a red one (yippee!) that’s supposed to be an export model, but they’re willing to sell to me.

Ok. So God is very clear. This is my only chance to lose the flab and slim down (hopefully forever). And also, no new clothes until I’m down to a perfect size 10. Sometimes, you really can’t ignore the signs.



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