It seems the longer that I’ve been a stay home mom, the less adept I am at social interaction. Last known, I was caught talking a bit too much about my children to someone who had no paternal instincts and had asked about the kids out of courtesy. It seemed I had lost the ability to differentiate between basic social courtesy and honest interest.

Today, it seems like I no longer know how to conduct myself in the presence of company. I overstayed my welcome, causing the husband a fair amount of frustration. I had “barged in” on his supposed one-on-one coffee chat with his ex, and I didn’t even realise I was not welcomed until the whole thing was over.

While he had expected me to excuse myself and leave the two of them to do their talking, I somehow did not realise I was supposed to. Like erm… because she had asked me to join them? And because I had believed Hubs was ok with me being there? This might not make sense to those who have a decent social life and know how to behave appropriately, but it sincerely did not cross my mind at all. I only found out I did wrong after we left and Hubs gave me the cold shoulder.

And now I know why most HDB aunties always seem to act weird and talk too much to strangers. Because they’re alone at home all the time with kids who can’t hold proper conversations. And their husbands ignore them because they talk so much about stuff that nobody even cares about.



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