Buying genitals.

While I know how some mothers feel about being naked around their sons, I guess I’m liberal that way. He gets a biology lesson on the differences of the male and female anatomy, and (he used to) marvel at how milk (used to) flow out of my boobs. And there’s nothing else that makes Josh as happy and secured as taking a fun shower together with Mommy or Daddy.

He makes me sit on the floor of the bathroom while he washes my hair and scrubs my back – giving special attention to my cat eye tattoo because he says the color will come off if he washes it too hard. (Haha.)

Having recently caught pink eye (possibly due to the haze), I took some time out to shower with him today to cheer him up. We blew soap bubbles, washed each other, and did silly things with water. He remarked at how it looked like he was peeing whenever the water ran down his body. Then he said: “Mommy, you cannot do it because you have no penis! [*mocking laughter*]”

So I asked him in the most pitiful tone I could muster: “Then can you give me your penis?”

His reply? Cannot! This [*grabs his crotch firmly*] is MY penis. You want, I buy penis for you tomorrow ok?”


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