Boys take it the hard way.

While in preparation for motherhood, I had done intensive reading on the physical and psychological needs of a child and had (somewhat naively) believed that all children should be lovingly encouraged towards growing up. Well, apparently that doesn’t work for Josh.

How I had managed to get him to pee in the toilet was through plain uncensored expression of my frustration. And now the same goes for not pooping in the diaper. Daddy and I are sick of cleaning up a 3 year old’s poopy bottom. And the worse part of it is how he loves to do his business just before bedtime, which means as he gets out of the room to get cleaned and changed, Kee spirals into crazy screaming of “Why is korkor allowed to get out of the room when it’s bedtime!!!!!!”

So yes, I got frustrated again and told him if he poops into the diaper again, I am going to be very very very mad. And I will smack him because he is old enough to behave like a big boy but he insists on behaving like a silly baby. And if he wants to behave like a baby, then he can forget about candy because babies don’t eat candy.

That worked. The next day he did his poop in the potty. Twice.

Now I just have to find a way to migrate him to the toilet. Because washing poop out from a potty is truly a dirty job.


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