3 weeks, 4 birthdays, and lots of junk food.

Needless to say, all of them have gone down the rubbish chute.

It really makes me wonder… Are these what the parents feed their own children? Or are they just cheap snacks to pack into those birthday goodie bags?


2 thoughts on “3 weeks, 4 birthdays, and lots of junk food.

  1. I only pack stuffs that I will feed my child into goodie bag. Jelly/ pudding, M&Ms, mini Chupa chups, gummies, seaweed are ok for my list.

    I will avoid putting all snacks, there are small toys that are not costly at party shops, at least it can keep the kids entertained.

    shell says: So maybe my brother is right – I am too strict about what constitutes as junk food. LOL. My boys snack only on biscuits, nuts, dried fruit, cereal bars. Lollipops are like once in a blue moon (probably twice a year max) and other candies at most once a week. Hahahaha.

  2. I agree, I always why the parents pack such things in the goodies bag? Do their children really eat this or just because these are easy to get from the supermarket? Or maybe it’s like you said, every parents set the limit differently bah. Among all those things, I only give Hao Re the Chupa chups for a reason (as a rewards, soothing tool). I gave him chocolate sometimes, but never M&M, these are too colourful.

    Hao Re always bring back similar goodies bag from school. Luckily his teacher put the goodies bag into his bag and I throw it away when we reach him without him knowing. Do you think it’s rude if I tell the principle we don’t want any goodies bag?

    shell says: Actually we’ve brought it up to his form teacher before, and even written it in the parent-teacher communication notebook. But he still kept coming home with them. I guess cannot don’t give because every kid will get a goodie bag and our kids will be very unhappy if they don’t get one??

    I also write in the notebook when Josh is having oncoming cough/phlegm, so they will not give him any candy at all. (They do give some as rewards for going toilet to poop, etc.)

    I guess candies and junk food is part and parcel of growing up? LOL.

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