Just a bit of a weird kid.

It’s common that babies would fall asleep easily anywhere (except when it’s time for the adults to sleep) and that this occurrence gets increasingly infrequent until they eventually stop nodding off at all.

Well, my Kee is kind of… different.

As a newborn he would have to be put into his cot in order to fall asleep and stay asleep. He had on occasions fallen asleep in the sling or pram, but never remained asleep for more than 10 minutes. It never happened in the car seat. He always preferred to scream throughout the entire journey (very painful for all of us), which pretty much scared us into not driving out at all. Poor Josh had to suffer the consequences of having “no car to sit”.

But maybe our luck is changing!

Last weekend, we had gone out to town for brunch. After a particularly pleasant meal at Cedéle, we went to Kinokuniya to look for a book. And somewhere during that time, Kee just quietly fell asleep in the pram. No fuss, no muss.

1st time asleep in pram

I was beyond shocked when I saw him asleep because the last time it happened, he was still a newborn being swaddled! Needless to say, we were all quite amazed and pleased by it. Josh stood by the pram constantly, staring at his sleeping brother, because it was so rare that even he couldn’t believe it. He kept saying: “Mommy, you see! Didi is sleeping leh!”

And would you believe it, he slept for 30 minutes – waking up as quietly as he fell asleep. He just asked for water, drank a gallon (in baby proportions) of it, and happily continued sitting in the pram as we took the train home.

So with the good luck from last week, we took the car to go to IKEA, hoping that Kee has truly grown up and won’t be so cranky when his cot isn’t nearby. And by the grace of God, not only did he not make a single peep during the time in the car, he even fell asleep in the car seat on our way home!

1st time asleep in carseat

The adults (daddy and mommy) take the front seats while the two boys sit at the back by themselves in their own car seats, so I wasn’t able to take a picture while we were in the car. This was taken after Daddy had lugged the car seat back home. Awwwwww isn’t he a cutie? :mrgreen:

I just hope he’ll be less of a fussy monkey from now on, to be able to fall asleep without insisting that he must be in his cot. Once he sorts that out, we’ll be able to travel again!!



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