Following in Josh’s footsteps.

Joshua learnt how to get off the couch at around 14 months, so Keegan is right on track with it. In fact, I would give Kee more points because our new couch is much higher off the ground than the old one. And in full leather, there isn’t much for Kee to grip as he slides off. (Or maybe I am just being biased again.)

And this is Kee, taking over the “Laundry Boy” duties from Josh. You can tell how cheeky this one is by how he refuses to put Josh’s tees into the machine. He just constantly dumps them away from the washing machine instead of into it.

Kee is doing laundry much sooner than Josh, having started a couple weeks back when he only 13 months old. Josh, however, only started at around 18 months. But then again, it’s also because Kee can’t keep his nose out of anything. 😆


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