Traveling with kids.

I’ve been seeing too many parents who have been posting pictures of their family vacations on Facebook. Too many. But yet I am not the least bit tempted to attempt the same.

While I know the purpose of family vacations are to bond and enjoy foreign sights as a family, the idea of lugging 2 small children along for it just sounds like too much of a hassle. I have no idea how some parents can be doing this 3 to 4 times a year, bringing along a huge inventory for the children – diapers, formula, a dozen sets of extra clothes, toys, and a hundred other little things.

The last time I checked, a vacation was meant for relaxation, not a huge amount of preparation and a long checklist of things to bring for someone else.

Maybe I haven’t really “grown” into being a parent in this aspect, but I seriously don’t think it’s my issue. After seeing and dealing with the boys every single day, the last thing I want to be doing is the exact same chores while I’m on holiday. Same shit (literally), different country.

My idea of a great vacation would be a romantic holiday for two in some idyllic nearby country without the boys. (Batam seaside villa sounds great right about now – for the pocket and for the soul.) I would probably miss their cute antics, but absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder, right?

But nay, I don’t foresee being able to travel without the kids until at least a year later. Kee cries if he doesn’t see me for a day, and no one would be able to babysit him for a few days.

So meanwhile, I can only wait. (And wait and wait and wait.) Sometimes I gotta say I have this wee regret about having kids this soon. Only 27 and feeling tethered.



One thought on “Traveling with kids.

  1. I know.. I only travelled with the kids after age 3. I don’t fancy the diaper packing/ pram/ air pressure on plane stress. Moreover, they don’t remember if they are too young.. what a waste of money and effort! lol

    ps – pls my dear, 先苦后甜 ok? just think.. for just another two years or so, you’d be ‘free’.

    shell says: I knowwww!! Hopefully I will be “free” with money to spare on holidays (and more shopping). LOL. Still won’t be 30 yet. Phew.

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