PITP (Poop In The Potty)

Joshua played truant today and skipped school. Halfway through playing with Keegan, he suddenly jumped up and shouted: “Mama! I want to go poop in the potty NOW!”

And poop he did; a cluster of little poops stuck together.

He still feels strange pooping out of the diaper, and cried a little when the poop was coming out. He says the poop “drops out” and it “feels scary”. But he was all smiles when he got off the potty and we flushed the poop away. He even asked to call daddy and skype Uncle Henrie to announce his achievement. “I poop in the potty leh!”

To think the night before he did (yet another) poop into his diapers and I was resigning to his lack of interest. I even told him to take his time to grow out of the habit. Then today he surprises me with a voluntary poop in the potty.

We celebrated his achievement by going out to buy a pack of lollipops – 35 small Chupa Chups in fruit flavors – and we have made a pact that he would get one for each time that he does a poop into the potty.

With some luck, he’ll move on to the toilet soon. Because as we were flushing the poop away and I was washing out the potty, he was lamenting on how irritating it is that the potty must be washed so many times. (There was a smidgen of poop stuck in it, you see.) And given his hygiene habits, it shouldn’t take too long for him to want to just flush and be done with it.



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