Apparently it’s not fun to be you, trying to deal with me, along with all the other stuff you have to do. The only difference is, you didn’t have to go through the days with abdominal cramping, dizziness, nausea and constant burping while every single calorie.

It’s not fun being a woman. Much less a medically certified overweight woman trying to lose her damned pregnant-looking tummy while having major PMS.

Men should really appreciate being able to get away with being out of shape.



1 thought on “Switcheroo

  1. Way to go Shelly!!!!! (for yr weight-loss) sorry hv to comment here… (i’ve no twitter…;p)

    shell says: Hahaha. It’s ok. Thanks for introducing me to MFP! It’s been a really useful tool in helping me lose weight. 🙂

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