Bribing for poop.

Despite his school reporting that he is able to go poop in the toilet daily, Josh still insists on pooping into the diaper before bedtime each night. While this makes no sense at all to us, his reason excuse is that our toilet – and his potty for that matter – is not small and white like the ones they have in school. His ultimatum to me was: “You put the school white toilet at home, then I poop.” Which is hardly something do-able!!

In a desperate bid to curb any more diaper pooping, Hubs and I decided to remove the diapers from the equation entirely. He had wanted to buy “Baby Jump Jump” and “Baby Lie Down” when we visited a toy store recently, so we used that to encourage bribe him. 1 lollipop per poop in the potty, and 5 poops will get him one baby.

So Saturday night, Joshua went to bed without diapers for the first time. All went quite well, actually. He woke up an hour later crying that he needed to pee, and I promptly helped him to the loo. (He was too sleepy to walk properly.)

After that was done, he went right back to bed only to wake up 10 minutes later crying that he had pooped. And there he was standing in the middle of the room, with a lump of poop beside his feet. The bed and his pants were, however, untainted. I still have no idea how that happened.

We ushered him to the loo to wipe his bum, only to be told through part sobbing and part wailing that there was more poop. So onto the potty he went and out came the poop. And while wiping up (again), he said there was another poop (again). So onto the potty again, and the poop came 10 minutes later. But not without a lot of emotional resistance and crying in between.

If anything, he isn’t constipated at all, so I have no idea why he is so reluctant to poop like a regular person.

The same happened on Sunday night, except he peed in bed about 2 hours after the pooping. He woke up crying that he had peed in bed. All that was required was a quick change of pants and some reassurance that it’s ok to have accidents. (Thank God for waterproof mattress covers.)

Funny thing though; this evening when I told him that I had changed his sheets, he insisted that he didn’t pee in bed. It was only when I told him it’s not ok to lie, and it’s ok to have accidents sometimes that he admitted to it. But not without adding in: “But I was tired leh! I cannot faster walk to the toilet and pee.”

Yes yes yes. My son and his pride. 😆


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