Facing it with Faith

It’s an annual “tradition” that we have – having the whole family fall sick in the month of December. Some years it was consecutive and we’ll fall sick one by one in quick succession, or we’ll all be down at the same time.

This year, Josh and I were down with flu and food poisoning. Hubs was down with a bad cold and Kee was plagued by teething pains and the fever that accompanies it. Fever that went up to 39.2℃ and got me into quite a panic mode.

The only difference between this year and the past few is that I kept the faith. I viewed it as an annual “cleansing” of the body and mind – detoxing through the removal of viruses within us, and the opportunity to learn appreciation for a healthy body. I don’t know if that was what shortened the misery this year, but everyone got well much faster this year. Kee took 2 days, Josh took 4, Hubs took about 6 days and I am just out of it after about 10 days. (Naturally, right? Since I’m the one who fell sick first and still had to take care of everyone else when it was their turn.)

Instead of cursing about it this year, I took it as a good reminder from God to have faith and keep on keeping on. And as I have mentioned earlier in another post, I believe my perseverance will eventually pay off. 🙂


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