Bless my family!

Thank the Lord that I have in-laws who have never been able to help with little babysitting favors for date nights, but always step in to help me out when the big stuff strikes.

Kee had kept me up for a good part of the night with incessant crying for a almost two hours, leaving me brain dead and severely lacking energy. And he woke up  still feeling cranky and constantly asking “where Papa”. I believe while we had told Josh about Hubs’ Manila trip, we forgot to tell Kee, leaving him in a state of panic as to why Papa is “missing”. Coupled with the teething pains from (more) new molars and a slight fever, and the fact that Josh was home all day yesterday hogging all the toys, it’s enough to drive him into baby rage.

And God bless my MIL who called to ask if Josh is feeling better and off to school. I told her about the whole night’s fiasco, my lack of sleep and the outstanding amount of work I had intended to finish today. She promptly told me that she’ll send my FIL over to ferry Josh to school if that’s my plan.

30 minutes later, FIL was at my door to save me from the preschooler. THANK GOD!

Josh had been kind enough to give me an extra hour of sleep because he knew Kee had been crying for a fair bit last night. He had woken up to check on Kee, only to find me trying to shush Kee in my room. He had woken up by 9am, turn on the TV himself and had milk on his own. He only had to bug me at 10am because he wanted some biscuits for breakfast, but they’re kept on the top wall shelf, wayyyy beyond his reach.

When I asked him how did he manage to drink his milk, he said: “I am big boy. I poke the straw myself. And I never spill leh! Mommy so tired, Kee Kee cry whole night. I have to be big boy and poke the milk myself.” And how timely that he finally managed to do it today!

Now that Kee is quiet and soothed by the fact that he can once again hog all the toys, snacks and TV, he isn’t giving me any trouble at all. There’s nothing that some raisins can’t do to sooth this baby. As long as Josh is not here to fight over the raisins with him!

Despite having the day start on a bad note, I am feeling extremely blessed! Now… to finish the work…



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