My old bones cannot take the heat.

This is one of those obligatory “no I am not dead yet” kind of posts. So yeah, I’m not dead, even though some days my bones feel like they’re already halfway there.

Work’s been crazy busy with a whole slew of new campaigns and plans, so I’ve been working alongside of it and feeling the heat (as well as the lack of sleep). The children and husband have fortunately been behaving themselves and being fairly helpful, so that took off some of the responsibilities.

On the bright side, all this means that I don’t have enough time to eat much either, so my weight has effectively dropped to 68.2kg as of 16th December. And now due to the impending red tide, I’m carrying an excess of 500g (plus minus) each day until my womb lining decides to dislodge itself and take away the excess grams.

I’m fitting back into my clothes nicely now, despite not being the 67kg weight that I was when I bought them. I attribute this to the weight training that I was actively doing everyday, but now am just trying to squeeze in regularly. Sorry man, duty calls so personal vanity will have to be put on hold. So while the plan to hit 65kg by X’mas doesn’t look like it’s going to materialise, I’m pretty good at where I am now. Definitely getting less “are you pregnant?” remarks, unless I skipped a meal or a night’s sleep and get bloated as a result.

Ok, busy woman out. YOU FOLKS HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS! (And try not to overeat on those festive goodies.)



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