7 days into the new year…

My whole life has been shuffled around yet still somehow feels the same. Being officially employed doesn’t really feel much different, with the exception of needing to report to office twice a week for now. I guess when mid February rolls around and I have to be in the office Monday to Friday will probably make things feel completely different from the routine I’ve had for the past 4-5 years.

The boss is kind and accommodating, so I don’t foresee any issues there. But on the home front, a lot of change is to come. Kee has to go to childcare a whole 1.5 years ahead of what we intended, and I’m totally freaked out by it. It’s like chucking my precious baby to some stranger and not knowing how he will turn out. He is still pretty much a clean slate, and the nonsense that Josh has picked up from there doesn’t make it more reassuring.

Would Kee spout broken English in his first sentences? Would he pick up nasty social habits? Would he even remember his mommy?!

I seriously have no idea how other moms do it, but I can’t say it’s something I’m willing to live with. I just pray that with guidance from the Lord, Kee will grow up to be well-adjusted and as decent a boy as Josh is.

So yes, for 2011, the new year certainly brought with it many new changes in life. And I’m freaked out as hell about them.


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