A couple of random things…

  • Time flies when you’re busy. Was the last post really FOUR days ago?!
  • iTunes app store is my new online hangout. Unlike an online boutique displaying clothes, shoes and bags, there are actually free apps! (Some of which have tempted me to buy the full version after trying out…) Constantly adding, trying, deleting because only 16GB memory lah!
  • iPhone temptation is higher than ever after browsing iTunes app store frequently, but the lack of capability to tether WiFi from it is a HUGE deterrent. (My iPad is the WiFi only version, so it relies solely on WiFi from my HTC Desire when I’m out.) I just found out that the iPhone 4 is able to tether Internet access as well. Oh well, that ups the ante.
  • Massive panic to acquire work-friendly clothes. Bye to shorts, tanks, denims and miniskirts. 😦
  • I miss my baby very very very very much when I’m away at work. And I dread the fact that I will be missing his important milestones like his first sentence, first successful potty attempt, etc.

3 thoughts on “A couple of random things…

  1. Not sure if these will help.. But i usually get all my work clothes at the following webbies:


    Super pocket friendly for me and you can ask for discounts if you are like me who purchase 6 pieces at a go and stop shopping for 4 mths (Unless i succumbed to temptations. Which happens very very often)

    shell says: I am just wondering if I’ve lost enough weight to fit into those typically tiny blogshop fits!

  2. I am pretty sure you can! They go up to size 14 or 16 for some of them! You are a size 10 right? Then shouldnt be a problem=)

    • Paiseh! Dunno what happened, but your comment went into spam. :p
      Eh… I just went to kaypoh a few blogshops yesterday and most of them fit size US 8-10. And being a 10, I feel “unsafe” buying them leh. Most of them have no return policy for me to want to risk it.

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