It still warms my heart to read the appreciative comments that some readers had left on one of my articles that was published on TheAsianParent in October 2008. Technically there are only four comments expressing their gratitude towards the article echoing their exact sentiments, but these four comments will stay in my mind (and heart) and shall lead the way I write anything else for public consumption (blog excluded).

A good article – to me – should educate the unaware and reinstate the confidence in those who are aware but under judgement.

I never want to do anything else but that.


2 thoughts on “Satisfaction.

  1. Hey I just popped by to read your article. I think every new mother (esp those in our society) should read it! There’s already so much to cope with being a mother. One really shouldn’t have to deal with additional guilt poured on by others!

    • Thank you for the compliment! I shall count on you to spread the good word of this article to your friends who are new mothers. LOL.

      Personally I think every new mom faces such circumstances one way or another, so I was inspired to write about it because I felt all that judgment is just unnecessary!

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