Radio Silence.

During my childhood, I lived each and every single day with the radio as my companion. Aside from my love of music, it was also because there was never anyone home. Both my parents worked, and I would go home each day after school to a silent empty flat. I would shower, eat, do my homework, all with the accompaniment of the radio.

Yes, I was a latchkey kid from the tender age of 7.

You could say I was extremely independent, but deep inside I was also extremely lonely and constantly longing for a sibling whom I could spend my time with. Eventually my parents did bear more “fruit”, but I was already 10 when my brother arrived – making me more of a surrogate mother to him than a sister.

But nonetheless the music never stopped.

In recent years, however, the constant noise from my two boys have made me turn it off. I relish the quiet serenity of the nights as they’re fast asleep. I appreciate their existence so much more when I check on them in the dead of the night. There is nothing more precious than seeing their gaping mouths drooling the sweet scent of slumber. (The same cannot be said when they’re wide awake…)

While I am slowly retreating from the world of music, I am simultaneously moving closer towards a state of peace with myself. I seem to have finally found a way where I can be a loving wife, dutiful mother, hardworking employee and crazy me – all at the same time. The only issue is: I have to max out the 24 hours that God gives me each day.



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