Reshuffling priorities is hard to do.

Newly rejoining the work force isn’t something that I find difficult. After all, the boss is kind to let me start working from home until Kee gets into childcare on 17th Feb. What I do find to be really tough is the reshuffling of personal priorities in terms of time and money.

When I started doing freelance writing in 2008, Hubs had made it very clear that my money was my money and I was free to do whatever I wished with every single cent. I wasn’t required to pay any bills with the “small peanuts” I earned. So with that wicked assurance, I spent every cent as I pleased.

Last year, I started putting a small portion of earnings into the kids’ bank accounts and have since watched it grow into a tiny fortune that came in handy during times of need.

Now with a “regular working person” salary, I want to grow an even more sizable fortune, buy a house (note: house, not flat) and achieve several other things I’ve never been able to achieve as someone with inconsistent freelancing salary. My driving license, gym membership, LASIK, annual family holidays, maybe even a small car.

Yeah, I could be looking to achieve too much, but could you really blame me? After being poor for half a decade and shelving so many hopes and dreams, the time is now or never!

Nonetheless, none of this is easy. I’ve probably said it a million times (and maybe a million more until I get it all sorted out) but meanwhile, it’s the only thing on my mind.




4 thoughts on “Reshuffling priorities is hard to do.

  1. 周星驰在他其中一部电影里说: “人, 如果没有梦想, 就连一条咸鱼都不如!”

    Dream on, my friend! Your dreams would come true one day!

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