Retail Therapy solves all problems.

(Unless of course, your problems stem from financial issues.)

The smell of new leather shoes, merchandise lined up beautifully under rows of spotlights, big red signs screaming “SALE!” – it’s enough induce adrenaline and leave my heart pumping fast for the next few hours. Suddenly whatever issues I had this morning just faded away in comparison to the pretty new stuff I just bought.

I had to constantly remind myself not to buy clothes because I intend to drop 12 more kilos to reach the 55kg that the doctor prescribed. Until then, I’m staying away from buying clothes unless absolutely necessary. (Like maybe a sports bra or two for the gym.)

All the world’s problems can be resolved with some good food, bargain deals and me time shopping. Now my mind is fresher, happier, and ready to take on new challenges!

Yet at the same time I cannot help but be reminded that I will officially be starting work next week, and I will no longer have the luxury of strolling down an empty Orchard Road on a weekday. *pouts* Weekend shopping crowds give me “pedestrian rage”.

I can’t wait to show Hubs my fab new finds! Three pairs of shoes!! And yes, his V day presents as well. 🙂



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