Helper Woes

All I requested was that she put things back the way they were. It’s been 5 days into the job, and things are still constantly being rearranged after she cleans the area. It’s totally driving me nuts!

For every drawer she empties out and cleans, I have to take out everything again to put them back the way they should be.

For example, she cleaned out the cupboard where we keep our kitchenware. I opened it just now to find the rice bowls all the way at the back, and the salad tossers up in front. Like, wtf, common sense much?!

She also has this tendency to stack things up so that you’d need to remove everything on the top to get to the bottom. Wtf for, I have no idea. I just had to empty out the entire bottom drawer in order to get a packet of instant noodles cos she had placed them under the Milo, biscuits, and a horde of other stuff. There is a better way to pack stuff, ya know?!

The boys’ wardrobe is totally messed up as well. Shorts are stacked with shirts. Underwear is stacked with pants. No system at all! Despite me telling her since Day 1 to put things back the way they are, she’s still constantly messing things up.

Thankfully I’ve told her from the start NOT to touch my things – clothes, shoes, bags, etc. I will declare war if someone messes with my stuff!

There is a system, goddamnit, stick to it! At least she has her saving grace of being self-motivated to clean up whatever is required, and the boys like her. Otherwise, she would definitely be going back to the agency!


6 thoughts on “Helper Woes

    • I don’t feel she’s as stupid as that to require me to explicitly explain to her? She’s just not doing it because she doesn’t see the importance of us being able to locate where everything is. Hubs has since given her a dressing down about how we NEED to know where our shite is, Josh included, so she’s now improving on that.

      Strangely, she does not take my words to heart, only listening to Hubs. Probably because he has those “I will kill you” faces? LOL!

  1. I guess you just have to keep repeating to her till she gets it. One of my brother’s ex-helper was so bad at separating our clothes that we ended up having to label all our clothes so we will get back ours after wash.

    • I dunch want to label my clothes! That sounds damn stupid lah!
      That’s why I told her die die don’t touch my clothes! DON’T TOUCH OR I’LL SEND YOU BACK TO AGENCY!

      (No, just kidding of course. :p )

  2. Hi Shelly, came across your blog through the AsianParent website. Read this post and can’t help but to leave a comment. Wanna say that I can totally empathise with your frustrations. My helper has been with me for almost two months yet she still makes silly mistakes almost everyday. She usually tells me she understands my instructions, but ever so often she ends up doing things wrongly. Think I’m going to change a helper, coz enough is enough. If I have to keep repeating the same instructions over and over, I might as well do it myself.

    • Actually like you, I don’t like to nag and repeat the same instructions over and over again. That’s why I told her once when she first joined our family, and once more when I noticed how WRONG everything was put back.

      If I have to keep repeating myself to be heard, I would definitely have sent her back!

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