When Daddy is away…

The boys fuss more than usual, asking for stuff they usually wouldn’t ask for.

Josh asked for “the long biscuit put inside the chocolate cream” (aka Yan Yan) and Kee was up at midnight screaming various permutations of his wanting of his father. “Want papaaaaa”,  “where papaaaaaaaaa” and “papa bao baoooooooo” were some of the constantly repeated screamings through tears and mucus.

Fortunately Hubs was on SKYPE thanks to free Wifi in his BKK hotel, so Kee got to sneak some glimpse of his Daddy Dearest while I cradled and patted him like the baby he is. He quietened down only to scream again when Daddy said it was time for bed.

Hell hath no fury like an irritated baby. Much worse when we’re all out of raisins in the house!

So I did what any mother would do: Innovate!

I tore down a prune into little bits that resemble raisins in hopes of pacifying him with the sweetness. Who knows, he retorted me through mucus bubbles: “Is not raisin! Is big!”


I shoved it into his mouth anyway, knowing full sure that the moment the sweetness hits him on the first bite he would shut the hell up. IT WORKED. He is now happily and quietly back in bed with two magnets as his bedtime buddies.

Dear Lord, please let the husband come back on time on Wednesday. I’ll go nuts before the children even do.



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