Screwed over, but still hopeful.

So the seller of the unit we were looking at screwed us over by saying he’s no longer interested to sell. He had avoided calls from us and our agent for 3 days before finally picking up my call and breaking the news to me. To make matters worse, we’ve already sold this flat! So basically now we are “homeless” and the mad rush is on to search for another unit in the McNair area – so as to be close to the in-laws and still be living in this highly accessible area without paying the exorbitant prices of the Towner/Bendemeer area.

Regardless, I am occupying my Hubs-less nights by surfing local interior designer companies and looking at their portfolios. I’ve seen some ideas that I would love to have in my new home (even though we haven’t even found a place), and it’s keeping me pretty perked up about moving. Usually I find moving home a real drag due to the packing/shifting/unpacking/organising process, but this upcoming one is going to be fully decided by us with quite a roomy budget for renovations!

I am looking at having a huge shoe cabinet, a decent walk-in wardrobe, a living room that can actually hold guests and TWO bathrooms! Yay! Solo bathroom days will be a distant memory come 2012, and I am damn glad for that. And for once, my master bedroom will actually have a bathroom of its own! A proper proper master bedroom!

Yes. It is obvious I am very hyped up about moving. Now the only matter is finding and buying the intended flat. I can’t wait to have all the elements of my dream home in our next flat! A “proper” home I can call my own!

It’s shocking how I don’t enjoy this dingy little space but it actually sold for $380k. 😆


5 thoughts on “Screwed over, but still hopeful.

  1. Had a couple of months gap when sold our house too. Lots of moving around. But had the joy of hospitality from friends which helped enormously. Meanwhile the furniture etc went into storage.

    • Fortunately the in-laws have offered their home for us as a temporary solution if we aren’t able to get a new flat in time. So that’s some blessing on its own. 🙂

    • Decor also can increase selling price lah. The buyer liked how we concealed all the ugly (but necessary) fittings such as water pipes, gas pipes, etc. Throw in the high floor, unblocked front door view, concept of design, SOLD! Buyer’s fave part was the sink area in the bathroom.

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