Small boy with huge load.

Late night coughing fits hit Josh at 1am. It started with the maid, Joy, setting the fan at the highest speed and ended with puke in the bin. Too much “wind” the TCM practitioners would say.

After a short Skype session with Daddy, he was all baby and wanted to stick to me. So I told him to shift his shit to my room and bunk in with me.

Number of trips made to and fro our rooms: 5.

That includes the moving of:
– an adult sized memory foam pillow
– a kid size duck down pillow
– a bean sprout pillow
– a kid size bolster
– a cat hand puppet named “Joshua Cat”
– water bottle
– Thomas the Train plush
– kid size quilt

Even if I was to move it for him, it’ll still take at least 2 trips due to the sheer amount.

Let’s hope he sleeps well for the rest of the night and doesn’t kick me or disrupt my much needed rest.     


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