Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

Knowing full well how much of a fuss Kee would kick up once he knew Hubs was out of town, we decided not to inform him of this week’s 5 day long trip. True enough, Hubs is flying back tomorrow morning and Kee has not fussed a single time nor asked for his daddy. On the contrary, last week’s trip stirred up nightly crying sessions and foul mood swings from the little one.

So thus it has been decided: Kee shall never know of Hubs’ going away until he learns how to handle it!

Josh has been very sensible about it all and has not brought it up in front of Kee for fear that we will all have to handle another temper tantrum. This young boy is turning out to be a pretty good older brother. (Territorial fights and tattle-taling notwithstanding.)


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