Dissonance 2011.

I think this has happen far more often than desired – the want to buy something lovely, only to feel that the price tag doesn’t justify its worth. Maybe it’s because I’ve been steadily getting smaller (though not really losing the kilos) so paying too much for something that I can’t wear for a long time seems dumb. Or maybe $45 for a dress with substandard quality (but amazing aesthetic value) is really too much to pay.

But yet the want is still there.

At the end of the day, I left feeling like a cheapo who can’t (or won’t) pay for anything. I haven’t really figured out if it’s actually that I can’t or won’t pay for it. I only know I feel really broke when it comes to procuring fashion.

But show me a gorgeous piece of expensive furniture for the new home, and I’ll probably pay for it on the spot.

Sigh. Such is the workings of the complicated female mind.


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