Time to move on…

The day to move draws nearer with each passing day. As much as I never liked this tiny little space, the thought of saying goodbye saddens me.

This place where we made and raised our two boys…
Where we had countless fights in the early days of our marriage…
Where we made up and accepted to “agree to disagree” on the irreconcilable differences…
Where a couple became a family of four…

There’s so many memories here – both good and bad – that makes it hard for me to say goodbye to.

And once again I would like to reiterate the reason why I had wanted a bigger flat from the start. I wanted a place where we could grow our roots and remain for decades.

But you people just never wanted to listen to me. Sigh.


3 thoughts on “Time to move on…

  1. My heart almost skipped a beat at your first paragraph. I thought you were going to stop writing. 😀 I like hopping by this space of yours for honest, solid good prose and reflection.

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