Independent children.

See, the thing about having independent children is that they’re so comfortable in their element that they indirectly force me to surrender my rights to mollycoddling them at times.

I actually enjoy inviting the boys to my room for naps, so that I may hold their hands while they sleep or simply stare at their cherubic faces. This is even more true for Keegan – him being at such an irresistible “part baby part child” stage. Yet alas, he had never agreed to a sleepover, choosing to simply declare: “Go bed bed!” as a way of telling me he has his own spot in the house. “I have my own bed, you know? And I like it very much, thank you.” he seems to say.

God must have heard my prayers of wanting to hold on to that little last sliver of Kee’s babyhood, because the first sleepover finally happened.

Isn’t he gorgeous? 🙂


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