Diary: Bangkok Day 1

After over 2 years, I am finally getting to write another “Great Getaways” post! Haiz. The life of a lower middle class mom. šŸ˜†

[Pictures will be uploaded later when we get home in slightly more comprehensive posts. It’s too much effort for someone who is still on holiday. Though I do need to jot down everyday before I forget. My memory lasts almost as long as a goldfish, which isn’t very long at all. LOL.]

So, in point form, here goes:

  • Despite dropping 2-3 dress sizes (from US 14 to US 8/10) I am still a tad too meaty for BKK free size clothing. Although I am wearing extremely cheap 3 for 100 baht (S$4) racerback tanks now in prep for bedtime, it’s not exactly something I would wear out to town. I can see all my flabs sticking out in all the wrong places!!
  • Siam Ocean World was DA BOMB even though tickets costed 1,000 baht (approx S$40) per adult and 800 baht per kid ā€“ includes entry, glass bottom boat ride, fishy foot spa, popcorn and Pepsi. It’s probably about double the size of Sentosa Underwater World, with a lot more to see and do. I already have intentions to come back again, with or without the kids. :mrgreen:

    There’s this gorgeous display sponsored by Bang & Olufsen with jellyfish “dancing” to classical music played through fab quality speakers (duh). I swear I could sit there all day just being soothed by the lights, music and jellyfish movement.

  • Josh rode on a Tuk Tuk and claims he is able to drive one now. Only complaint: “I think it’s a bit dangerous and scary.”

All in all, Day One went well. Everyone had fun, money was spent (cheaply), and weather was good. The plane ride itself was the climax of the day for Josh! Having visited Siam Ocean World made it doubly good for him.

We’re still contemplating if we should be visiting the floating market or an elephant park tomorrow. Will have to call the hotel concierge to see if they are able to arrange anything for us. Less hassle. Heh. :p


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