The boys’ first dentist visit!

Today the boys visited the dentist for the first time!

Good news: Both of them have no cavities and their teeth are in fairly good condition.
Bad news: Kee has an intruded tooth due a bad fall in school and he has been scheduled for dental surgery under sedation on Friday.

Kee was a lot braver than Josh and was the first to get into the dentist’s chair. He also kept his mouth open whenever the dentist told him to say “Ahhhh”. No fuss, no muss, and I’m might proud of him! Especially more so because he’s usually the fidgety one who cannot stay still for a even a moment. He got his teeth scaled and polished and tried to eat all the orange-flavoured teeth polish. He also successfully gargled and spat. Which makes me wonder if he’s just been playing the fool when I get him to brush with toothpaste at home.

Here’s Kee with his reward: A blowned-up surgical glove “balloon”.
Oh, and he’s watching his brother scream like a girl.

Josh on the other hand… sigh. “I don’t want you to put anything inside my mouth!” and “I am the korkor and I say didi go first.”  What an embarrassment! Seriously, for a 4-year-old I’d think he would have handled the situation with more gusto instead of crying like a baby the moment he entered the room.

Josh inspecting “Mr. Mirror” before letting it into his mouth for a check.

Fortunately there’s something called “pride” and he refused to leave without triumphing over Kee’s success. So he sat in the chair, tried to be brave, and made me hold both his hands as if I was his midwife accompanying him during labour.

Both boys left the dentist with Certificates of Bravery! Though I must say I feel Kee is a tad more deserving of his.

I would have taken more photos if I didn’t need to put Kee on my lap during his turn (because he’s too small for the dentist’s chair) and if I didn’t need to be holding both of Joshua’s hands during his turn (because he’s a wuss).

And the lesson learnt after paying $110 to the dentist is that now both the boys have a better clue of what to do with their teeth, and Josh remembers to brush after his milk instead of before. He is terrified of having any teeth fall out or turn black from cavities, because as you know, Justin Bieber has terrific teeth. Despite my best efforts to get him to floss, he has always rejected the idea. So he has also been told by Dr Berenice Chan that he has to floss the back of his teeth 2-3 times a week at least. She did if for him and showed him the biscuit bit that was left there since breakfast. Icky!

I think we’re gonna be making this a routine every 6 months. Especially since the boys are crazy about candy.


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