Listen to your mother.

During our recent trip to the supermarket, Josh insisted on buying green kiwifruits rather than the golden ones I’ve been buying.

Me: “But the green ones are sour!
Josh: “But I like sour! I like lemons, remember?!”

And so he won his argument, and the green kiwis passed through the checkout counter.


Today, he washed his green kiwifruit, cut it into halves, scooped it with a teaspoon and fed himself.

Josh: “Oh my God! So sour!!”
Me: “See? What did I tell you that day? I told you green ones are super sour!”
Josh: “It’s ok. I like sour.” (Still indignantly wanting to prove me wrong.)

5 minutes later…
Josh: “Ok. Maybe it is a bit too sour.”
Me: “Told ya.”

Children, ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER. We are not always right, but mostly we are. You can’t argue your way out of everything. Green kiwifruits are more sour than yellow ones and they always will be. Like how you will always be our children and we will always mostly be right.



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