15 hours.

We talked. We walked. My be(a)stie and I. We made up more than ever with 15 hours of nonstop talking, heart-to-heart, tears and laughter.

I am fulfilled.
My life is fulfilled.
I can die today because I have everything a woman should ever have in her life.

A wonderful husband.
A comrade who sings the same tune.
Beautiful children who are generally well-behaved.
A loving eccentric uncle who is my surrogate mother.
A brother who is finally learning to walk the right path, and credited me for it.
A wonderful helper who is more than anyone could ask for.

I am fulfilled.
I am filled with joy and bliss.

And to whoever is reading this, I wish you the same joy and bliss and fulfillment that a human should ever know.

The world is good. I am good. Life is good.

This is such a simple message from me, but I am feeling such strong emotions that my heart is BURSTING with pure contentment.
Please, find this same contentment (and more) for yourself, for those who love you and you love. And make your world good, your life good.

I, am complete.



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