Losing the mothering touch.

Despite doing a pretty good job with Josh on my own, I seem to be doing a shit job with Kee. He fusses incessantly, loves screaming to get his way, and is just… unruly.

I’m not too sure if it’s because I haven’t been as hands on with him so it’s hard to know what he wants, or it’s that he’s just a difficult child to begin with. Nonetheless, it isn’t a pleasure to be struggling with him daily.

That said, I would love to pull him out of childcare and keep him under my watchful eye daily to make sure he doesn’t get more awry than he already is, but he is insistent about going to see his teachers and friends. Comments from his teachers are that he is a quick learner, enjoys learning and is (surprisingly) cooperative during most activities. All this makes it even harder for us to firmly decide to stop him from going to school.

He’s always happy to say goodbye in the morning, lugging his bag and boarding the school bus. He’s always happy when he gets home, singing new tunes (barely audibly) and showing me what he has learnt or done today.

Maybe I’m the one with the issues here. Maybe I just don’t know him well enough to understand his needs and wants. Or maybe, it’s just one of those things that mothers with 2-year-olds go through. Maybe I just forgot what it was like with Josh when he was 2. I only remembered there was a fair amount of frustration from him because he couldn’t speak and was having problems communicating his needs.

Yeah, maybe it’s just always this hard with 2-year-olds. I probably just forgot how hard.



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