Mad for a sister.

Joshua has been asking for a younger sister for a few months now. So about two weeks ago, I said we’ll talk about it when he’s 8 and able to help out with a new kid in the family. I also told him that he would have to clean, feed and pacify the baby. He would need to make milk, change dirty poop diapers and bathe her. All of which he readily agreed to take on!

Earlier tonight when I was showering him, he asked me why I rub his head when I shampoo him. After I told him the reason, he replied: “Next time when I’m 8 I will help meimei shower like that also.” 

Besides trying to scare him off with baby caring duties, I also quoted him recent examples of him being a terrible older brother – snatching toys from Kee, initiating fights, throwing tantrums and other undesirable behaviour that Kee is now emulating. So for the past 2 weeks, he displayed a significant change in behaviour.  Whenever Kee tries to snatch Josh’s toys, Josh would give in and tell him stuff like “Later you give me back ok?” instead of screaming like a little banshee. Josh also stopped saying “I beat you!” or “Smack you!” as an anger response, but instead says “Stop it.” or “Give me back, please.” Josh also has been giving in to Kee in many ways like sharing that last chocolate cookie, offering (and helping to feed Kee) his milk, as well as giving more hugs and kisses to Kee.

In fact, whenever Kee snatches Josh’s toys and brings it back in a few minutes, Josh would say: “Thank you didi. You are SO nice. I want to kiss you leh.” And he proceeds to hug and kiss Kee – much to Kee’s delight, actually.

Josh has also started to “police” Kee by telling him to go wash his dirty hands, brush his teeth, and to go to sleep. And it’s not just empty talk! He sets a good example by doing it himself and helping Kee do it.

With all that effort he’s been putting in, I’m guessing he is really intent on having a baby sister and is trying to prove to us that he can be a good korkor!

But our stance remains the same: We’ll discuss again when he is 8. Even if he can cope with the baby caring, I can’t cope with another screaming little child at this moment!



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