Minor Laser

In less than 48 hours I will be visiting an “eye doctor” to get my LASIK evaluation. I made the appointment last Wednesday and promptly starting panicking about it. Maybe it’s part of becoming a mom, but I find myself being more emotional (not necessarily dramatic though) and increasingly chicken.

Just a couple weeks back when I was encouraged by a formerly bespectacled gal-pal, I actually responded with: “What if they accidentally fry my eyes? And I turn blind? Eeee don’t want lah.”

Yes. Those words actually came out of my mouth.

It’s hard to believe someone with tattoos and body piercings would shun the idea of a quick (and supposedly painless) eye surgery that would make the remainder of her life more convenient. What’s five hours of receiving a new tattoo compared to a few minutes of a life changing, appearance altering procedure?!

Of course I’m sick of grappling with glasses in the middle of the night. Of course I don’t enjoy looking like a perverted coffeeshop uncle with my specs half sliding off my always sweaty nose. And of course I would like to save that 10 minutes off my preparation routine by not needing to put two pieces of polymer plastic onto my friggin eyeballs. On top of all that, it would also be great if the boys could stop accidentally attacking my eyes by smashing/punching/poking my glasses right into my eyes.

I’ve had so many blog posts complaining about these bespectacled issues especially when the boys were younger. But there are always risks. (This is the chicken talking.)

Hubs is adamant that I go for the LASIK and shut-the-hell-up about all the “what if’s” and “but’s”. I guess he got sick of my whining about glasses. However, going for an evaluation does not promise that I would be eligible for the surgery, though I don’t see why I shouldn’t be. All the reason more why I should have some fears, especially after watching the trailer for “Final Destination 5”.

Death by LASIK, anyone?


4 thoughts on “Minor Laser

  1. I did my LASIK almost 3 yrs ago and am still very happy with the results and all the conveniences without contact lens or glasses. But, I must say the procedure was quite scary, even more so than my childbirth…

  2. Go for it Shelly! I’ll pray for a nice smooth one for you!!! anyway the phrase u described “always sweaty nose” is so you man.. as far as I can remember your nose was always sweaty hahahaha.

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