Pearls by swine.

On a trip to savour smelly beancurd:
“Wah! This smells like poop! But ok, lucky don’t taste like poop. WHEW. Please put more sweet sauce for me hor.”

On being introduced to cotton candy:
“Mommy, what is this ah? Is it candy? Because candy is goooood.”

On thirst, spicy foods and other causes for need of water:
“Wah, this is very [insert appropriate term here]. I need a cold drink. I think water is not good enough.”

On his choice of music:
“I like the monkey song [The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars], everyday I’m shuffling [LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem] and Justin Bieber. Oh, and Lady Gaga RaRaRa Ah Ah [Bad Romance] and Bring it back, sing it back [Moloko – Bring It Back].”


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