Dear Unborn

Despite not being prepared for your conception, Daddy was extremely happy (and might I add, somewhat cocky) when we found out.

Please be a pretty, independent baby girl with lovely hair like your 二哥 and a sweet disposition like your 大哥.

Please also remember that while I may curse and swear about being pregnant (again), it is nothing personal and I will still love you as much as your two brothers if not more – just because you will definitely look cuter than them and not start talking back for at least a year or two. If you do turn out to a heterosexual girl, the pains and perils of pregnancy may just present themselves to you at the right time.

Until we see your cute little face, here’s Mommy telling you to grow well, be well and we’ll see you soon. Love you! ❤


4 thoughts on “Dear Unborn

  1. hey shelly, i have not been blogging or following your blog for a while dy (ok, a veryyyyyy long while). i also just found out i’m pregnant.

    congrats 🙂


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