On the last day of 2011…

I slept most of the day away. (It’s a weekly thing required by my pregnancy, apparently. Like how I get cramps all day long each Wednesday.)

The boys was in a lot of trouble for not needing their naps, using their bedroom door as a train door and fighting constantly.

Joshua redeemed both of them when he followed the usual daily routine and showered Keegan and himself – on their own accord – at 8pm sharp. Daddy sauntered out of our room to find a clean towel-dried Keegan loitering outside their bathroom, and Josh toweling himself dry too. Both boys were squeaky clean (no sign of suds on their body!) and the bathroom had not been destroyed nor defaced.

I am amazed that my 4-year-old can take up the responsibility of showering his 2-year-old brother. Much less without any prompting from us. 🙂 Seems like 2012 is going to be a great year full of love, joy and the usual sibling bickering!


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