Happy Meals.

To the kids, it means eating tasty comfort junk food. To me, it means quick and easy meals!

Currently on the menu, we have 2 types of “Happy Meals”:

  • Chicken nuggets & fries (so typically Mac) – oven baked to crispy perfection with zero oil in 15 mins!
    Sometimes served with buttered “cup corn” or mixed vegetable (peas, carrots, corn) should they be so inclined to have it.
  • Sausages (not hotdogs) with baked beans and eggs (served sunny side up, scrambled or omelette style).

The boys are like their father – they enjoy baked beans even straight out of the can – and it’s something Hubs gladly serves up because it’s so fuss-free. Me? I don’t feel a thing for baked beans at all.

So far we’ve been rotating these 2 Happy Meal selections, once a week. It usually happens mid-week so I get an easy day in kitchen and don’t get burnt out.

Oh, the boys also enjoy instant noodles for reasons unknown. But that’s another story…


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