I think it’s kinda fucked up when you make plans for months and years, waiting for the ultimate “cash in” when suddenly life takes a turn and screws you over.

Here’s the shit that was supposed to happen but won’t be anymore because of UBD (Unplanned Baby Drama):

  • A piano after we move into a bigger place. Which is where we’re at now but no longer have the space, convenience or moolah to get it. I’ve waited 4 years for this one, so it’s right on top of my list.
    This one makes me cry all the time and it has been that way since pre-pregnancy.
  • A trip to USS sans children. Being pregnant defeats going there since I won’t be allowed on any “thrilling” rides. Next approximate opportunity window: June 2013, likely later. -_-
    This one makes me scream in frustration, particularly because I kept telling the old man that we should go go go, then he always says later later later. Until now… good lor, cannot go liao.
  • Family trip to HK or BKK (again). Technically still doable, logistically screwed up bring 1 baby and 2 small children, not to mention more costly and a lot more considerations when planning the itinerary.

Yes, I’m having one of those I-am-whiny-and-hate-my-life days.



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