You know it’s kinda dismal when nobody understands how you feel, and everyone tells you “it’s just hormones” or “it’ll pass”. Well, it’s been 5 months now – first month notwithstanding since I found out I was pregnant 5 weeks into it – and let me tell you that it hasn’t “passed”.

It constantly seems like I’m exchanging one set of problems for another set. Who doesn’t go through that, right? Except I’m exchanging into sets of problems that I don’t even want to be in the first place. (Ok fine that happens to bulk of us too.)

I’m trying my darndest to get my psyche in tune with all this; to psych myself up for it and “grow up” and “go with the flow” and all that positive shebang but it’s just.not.working.

Maybe I just need another POV on this. Like maybe, Hubs’ POV on wanting a daughter to call his own; a child who is attached to him and loves him unconditionally like the way the boys love me.

Yeah. Maybe he just needs to keep telling me that this baby is for him. So I’ll do it for him since I’m obviously failing at doing it for myself.

Damn I hate unplanned pregnancies.


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